Rights of the Employer

Unless otherwise instructed or agreed upon, all applicant resumes (following screening by Suncoast Legal Search) will be sent to any agreed upon firm contacts.  If your firm has a clause stating “no unsolicited resumes,” we will honor that; however, on occasion, without a firm order in hand, we may send a marketing email (describing real applicants without name identification) to a potential hiring authority at your firm.  This will not constitute a referral until someone requests the applicant’s information for an actual or potential job opportunity with this agreement in place.

For specific job requisitions, we will screen applicants from a variety of resources on agreed to characteristics (job duties, personality, salary needs, etc.) and unless otherwise agreed to we will provide the applicant with information regarding your firm.  All applicants will have their names listed on a requested resume submission [this protects everyone].

We will not show job posted dates to the public, to avoid the concept of “Stale” jobs.

During the time of an active search with your firm, and for a period of six months following the conclusion of a search where applicants were accepted and interviewed (even if not hired), we will not POACH [proactively recruit or approach] an applicant from your firm, for any reason, even to source an applicant external to your firm; the only exception is if they have signed up on our website unsolicited.

Anonymous firm descriptions will be included on every role, for consistency; if requested by you, we can provide an “anonymous” description of your firm for you to approve. 

Diversity is part of our core being.  We include the following applicant characteristics as trackable (in aggregate) for diversity: ethnicity, military service and disability.  Gender, including gender identity, is not tracked at this time, although it is heavily promoted in recruiting for our clients.


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