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Thank you for utilizing the resources of Suncoast Legal Search.  We created this FAQ to answer many, but not all, of the questions you might have as you explore Attorney and Legal Staff job opportunities on the Suncoast of Florida, from Tampa Bay to Naples.  If you would like to see a topic covered, feel free to make a suggestion.

No.  Employers (law firms and corporate legal staffs) pay all of the fees.  Your only expenditure is of time, and that should be minimal.  We urge you to use bookmarks and other reminding mechanisms to be more efficient. 

No we don’t.  Because we are a localized headhunting firm specializing in only five markets and only one field, it only takes three minutes or so to search our list of openings.  See below for searching, and above for bookmarking.

Searching is simple and we actually have created more of a browse capability.  Using the drop-downs at the top of each screen, you can search by Market (Tampa, Pinellas County (St. Pete / Clearwater), Sarasota / Bradenton, Fort Myers or Naples) or Job Category (Attorney (Law Firms), Corporate Counsel and Legal Staff (including Paralegals and Legal Assistants)). Simply click on the Search you want and all of the jobs will populate for you to click on as appropriate.

We are not a job board, but rather a search firm that works on behalf of the clients; they pay us to find you.  If we can’t find you, how do we know you are looking?


Registration takes just under ten minutes.  There are six parts to it: Creating a UserName and Password, Providing Contact and Overview Information, Telling how you found us, Uploading a Resume, Providing Demographics and Adding Categories for us to find you more efficiently.


·         The Password must be at least 8 characters (at least 1 Upper-Case, 1 Lower-Case and 1 Number). 

·         If you are not employed, substitute Most Recent for Current. 

·         You can substitute a Florida residence if you don’t require relocation assistance. 

·         We do pay a lot of attention to how you find us. 

·         Regarding the resume, we prefer Word to PDF uploads but will accept either; use a real resume, not one created by a job board – that will generally hurt your chances with employers. 

·         For demographics, we use these on a summary basis and it is very important to fill them out; for disability you have to answer Yes/No/Not disclosing so that we can comply with the OFCCP.

·         Up to 20 categories can be listed; make sure they represent what you have done, not what you want to do.

We prefer WORD, rather than PDF, uploads but will accept either; use a real resume, not one created by a job board – those will generally hurt your chances with employers.  If you want to change your resume, you can upload a new one by editing your profile on the dashboard.

Your dashboard is divided into four sections:


·         The Toolbox contains general information not specific to your account.

·         Under Account Settings, the Account Information contains your UserID, Name and Email, plus gives the ability to change your password.

·         Most other fields (including updating your resume) are editable under Contact Information.  We list your job title, employer, and contact phone on the dashboard.

·         History is not editable, but helps you keep track of many aspects of your job search process which we monitor in our system.

Yes.  All fields can be edited, except for “how you found us.”   Don’t forget to save your information.

When you first create an account, and every time you update your profile, you are certifying that the information is accurate, truthful and authentic.  This disclaimer protects both of us.

We post all openings on our website; generally there are between 5 and 20 at any point in time.  If we think you are a good fit, we will call or email you.  If you think you are a good fit email us and we will take a hard look at your background to see if we agree or not; then we will get back to you, generally within 24 hours.  Once you enter the interview process with a particular client, communication will be much more frequent, at every step of the way.

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